Home Base:
New Orleans, Louisiana 70119, United States
Service Area:
U.S. Gulf South, and willing to travel to help owners anywhere.

Matt is a high-energy Professional EOS Implementer who is passionate about helping leaders grow their businesses without becoming workaholics. He does this with the Entrepreneurial Operating System (EOS) — a complete system of simple tools with proven results.

Matt started his entrepreneurial career at age seven, selling day-old potato chips and fresh meats at a flea market on Chicago’s south side. After graduating from a maritime college and sailing the world as both a U.S. Navy Officer and a Merchant Mariner, Matt spent 30+ years in the high-risk maritime industry, honing his rapid decision-making skills in critical situations. Ship collisions, groundings, and emergency responses were Matt’s everyday focus. Matt started his first entrepreneurial venture ‘on the side’ and quickly realized he needed to move out on his own.

In his own three companies, Matt struggled with continuous growth and never seemed to have time to get it all done, despite being profitable. Then he found EOS. Now, as a reformed workaholic, Matt’s passion is re-focused on helping fellow business owners reclaim their time, while improving profits and strengthening their businesses.